military/law enforcement

Training and consulting packages for military or law enforcement units are custom-developed based on client needs and mission objectives.  For more detailed training and capabilities information contact us directly. Follow Through Consulting is a registered federal contractor and Service-Disabled Veteran, Minority-owned business.  

technical advising

Available to advise on all aspects cinema/television/gaming projects from concept development through final production, including but not limited to:

  • script/content development and review
  • weapons/firearms skills, safety & movement training for on/off-screen personnel (pre-production & on-set)
  • military/firearms related props, costuming
  • on-camera talent, stunt work
  • coordination/liaison for projects requiring military equipment, support, locale, or other related logistics & support
  • specialized equipment & skills training for on-/off-screen personnel, including night vision, combat/field medical, vehicle, combat dive (scuba), combat jump (parachute/freefall), etc. (Full resume/capabilities brief upon request)

Corporate CONSULTING & Advising

Follow Through Consulting CEO Buck Doyle has extensive experience providing observation, evaluation, and current, relevant analysis of private and government defense/security related programs, products, and organizations world-wide.  Buck's results-driven approach to partnering with clients is focused on identifying clear mission objectives, capitalizing on client strengths, examining current trends and resources, and communicating clear, practical solutions that can be implemented in both the immediate and long term.   Buck's first-hand knowledge of military/LE/outdoor/fitness clients and equipment give him a unique perspective and expertise as a consultant on new-product concept, design, testing & marketing projects targeting specific audiences.


Having battled enemies and obstacles both on the war front and the home front, Buck Doyle shares his experiences as a US Marine, a businessman, a husband, and as a father to demonstrate how adhering to certain core principles can lead individuals, companies, teams, and families to see failure and adversity as a catalyst to personal transformation and the development of rock-solid teams and relationships.  

Buck is able to cater his message to meet the needs of your corporate, school, church, sports or other groups, addressing topics including: 

  • Team-building
  • Leadership/Motivation
  • Character/Personal Development
  • Patriotism
  • Strengthening families/marriage relationships

For more information or to arrange consulting/advising or speaking engagements, contact us directly via email: